ARB Meeting Agenda – October 9, 2021 at Noon

AGENDA (Draft)
Village of Dering Harbor
Architectural Review Board
12:00 PM
October 9th, 2021

● Call the meeting to order
● Attendance
● Review and acceptance of minutes from the August 14th, 2021 meeting.
● New Business

○ Pre-Submission Conference
Applicant- Dennis Corcoran, Property Owner
Street Address: 22 Locust Point Road
SCTM# 701 – 1 – 3 – 14.2
Request for first pre submission conference for feedback on preliminary plans and ideas for construction of new dwelling on property.

○ Discuss the following related to “Housekeeping and Policies”

■ ARB Standards for landscaping, outdoor lighting, driveways, parking.
■ Preferred materials list.
■ Maximum number of pre submission conferences to allow applicants.

● Motion to adjourn