ARB Minutes – March 18, 2023

Village of Dering Harbor
Architectural Review Board

March 18th, 2023, 12:00PM 

  • The meeting was called to order at 12pm.
  • Attendance- Mickey Kostow (co-chair), Stephanie Deutsch, Rob Ferris; absent- Susannah Rose, George Birman; Wayne Bruyn (village attorney), Donna Ritzmann (stenographer), Nick Feihel (applicant’s architect), Kimberlea Rea (applicant’s attorney), Bridgford Hunt, John Colby, Eric Deutsch
  • The acceptance of minutes from the January 14th meeting was tabled until the next meeting.
  • New Business

Public Hearing to Review a Building Permit Application
Submitted by Lauritz T. Nelson and Debra S. Nelson (property owners)
SCTM# 701 – 1 – 3 – 21.2
Street Address: 4 Dering Woods Road, Dering Harbor

Building permit application for new construction of a 2-story, single family dwelling with driveway, garage, patio, in-ground pool, hot tub, pool patio, and garage apron.

Kimberlea Rea submitted the affidavit of mailing on behalf of the applicant.

Nick Feihel gave his presentation  (see attached)

Questions/comments from the Board:

  1. Stephanie Deutsch asked for the fence manufacturer specifications. Nick clarified that it is the “Richmond” style and that the material would be solid composite. She asked about the retaining wall in the rear yard, which Nick explained may be needed to the rear of the pool, depending on the grade, and it would be clad in the same brick as the house. It would be approximately 2’ high. She also asked about the hardscaping material around the BBQ. He clarified that it will also be brick. Lastly, she asked about the material for the Trex pergola, which Nick said would be a composite material in white.
  1. Rob Ferris asked Nick to explain the choice of the gable over the front entrance. Nick said that he and his clients are not fans of several smaller gables, because of how they break up the roofline. And space is limited to provide dormers due to the hip roof. Rob asked about storm drains. Nick said they will provide necessary drainage. He asked about the flanking windows at front entrance- maybe add a lower panel? He had a question about the trellis extending beyond the west side and patio. He commented that it seemed superfluous and thinks that portion of the patio and trellis should be removed from the plan. Rob asked about the HVAC and asked if he would consider putting it in a pit. Nick said he had not considered that and would be concerned about clearances. Rob asked about the window wells on the east side- do they have escape ladder? Nick said yes. Rob asked about finished basement space and the impact on max ground square footage. It is considered habitable space. Nick responded that the current plan does exceed. Regarding siding, Rob asked if it’s available in a smooth plank, since he thinks the current selection may be problematic due to weather. Nick clarified that it’s clapboard, not shingle. He asked about the brick that is planned. Nick said it will be a full brick, not veneer. Rob requested a sample of the brick they plan to use and commented that he prefers red brick to recycled brick.
  1. Mickey Kostow asked whether the side doors have no glass in them and they are painted black? Nick said yes. Mickey also asked about the exterior lighting, whether the alcove will have lighting, and wat other exterior lighting is planned. Nick said yes but there was no plan yet. He assured Mickey there would be no big floodlights. Mickey commented that he doesn’t have a problem with the trellis on the side like Rob, but that the direction of the trellis changes when you get to the side of the house. Overall, he said Nick did a great job with this new design and that it’s a huge improvement over the last one they submitted. He does agree with Rob about the front gable and thinks it’s oversized.
  1. Stephanie had further comments. She commended Nick for the improvements with this design over the previous ones and said they are wonderful. She agreed with Rob and Mickey about the front gable being problematic. She suggested a smaller dormer, an eyebrow dormer window, or something curved. Something softer and more elegant. She also agrees that the clapboard siding should be smooth. She agrees with Robs points about the brick. Would prefer to see a standard color. She feels the doors in back are too contemporary and would like to see something more traditional. She’s concerned about the variety of landscape and fencing materials that are being proposed. To her it seems busy. She mentioned that pea gravel driveways is more typically found in the village than marble chips. She feels like there is something missing on the rear elevation. She suggested the chimney be changed somehow. And she noticed a lot of discrepancies between the drawings and the renderings and would like to see that cleaned up.

Public Comments

  1. John Colby commented that he does not think that the rear of the house does not fit with the ambiance of the houses around it. He thinks the house should be distinctive from the nearby are of Hay Beach. The rear of the house needs to fit into the vernacular of the village.
  1. Kimberlea Rea asked Rob and Mickey’s opinions about the rear elevation. Mickey said they are both ok with it. After hearing Mickey’s explanation, Stephanie felt better about the rear elevation.

There was a discussion about trees and what comes under ARB purview in terms of which trees are allowed to come down in connection to the development of the lot. After that explanation, Nick Feihel pointed out some trees on the tree survey that they plan to take down. Stephanie asked for a clearer survey showing which trees larger than 18” in diameter that they plan to take down. Stephanie also asked for a more detailed landscape plan.

Kimberlea Rea thanked the board for their time and found the meeting extremely helpful.

A motion to adjourn the public hearing for all purposes until the next ARB meeting was moved by Mickey and seconded by Stephanie. All Board members present voted in favor.

  • Next meeting date- April 15th, 2023
  • A motion to adjourn at 1pm was moved by Rob and seconded by Stephanie. All Board members present voted in favor.