Letter to Residents – Water Meter Installation Begins Today

Dear neighbors,
After a few weeks of prep work, the SCWA will begin meter installations today. They plan is to start at South Street, then continue along Locust Point Road, then to Dering Woods Lane and Road, then to the Harbor Lane and the side streets. Water will be shut off to homes for about an hour when the connection is made. We believe the entire process should take about one month. When your meter is installed you should expect a short water shut down. After the installation you should run your water for a few minutes to clear any debris that might have been dislodged in the installation process.
A reminder: if you are topping up or refilling your pool you should either truck in the water or use your private well water. Please diligently work to conserve water.
We will continue to send updates as we progress, and will be reporting on the progress at the May 11th meeting.
Thank you,