Minutes – February 18, 2017

February 18, 2017

Prepared by Deputy Mayor Heather E.G. Brownlie, Esq.

In Attendance: Mayor Timothy M. Hogue;
Trustees: Heather E.G. Brownlie, Esq.;and John Colby.
Village Attorney: Joseph W. Prokop, Esq.
Village Residents: Marian Brownlie, Esther Hunt, Bridgford A. Hunt. Rob Ferris, Patrick Parcells, Annbeth Eschbach and Michael Kostow.
Also Present: Julia Brennan for the Shelter Island Reporter. George Butts III

I.  Mayor Hogue opened the Trustees meeting at 10:10 a.m.

II. Review of the Minutes from the December 17, 2016 Meeting.

A Motion to approve the Minutes from December 17, 2016 made by John Colby with a second by Heather Brownlie. Motion carried unanimously.

III. Review of the Bills from January 2017

A. Mayor Hogue noted the line item for asphalt for road repairs by Corazzini
B. Village will be reimbursed through CHIPS funding for these costs
C. Motion by John Colby with a second by Heather Brownlie to approve the January 2017 bills. Motion carried unanimously.
D. Motion to approve the transfer of $10,000 from reserve funds to operating funds to cover the road repair expenses until CHIPS funding reimbursement receivedmade by John Colby with a second by Heather Brownlie. Motion carried unanimously.


A. Deer Management
1. Nuisance Permit Hunting managed by the Town of Shelter Island
2. Several Village property owners have offered their parcels of land for hunting
3. Hunting Season divided into different seasons for different hunting types
4. Discussion to continue as to the types of hunting to allow in the Village

B.Water Tank Progress Report
1. Original Well upgraded to include venting required by the Health Department
2. RFP being prepared for Bidding for new Water Tank installation in 2017

1. Mayor Hogue read a letter from Bridgford A. Hunt offer to set up a website
2. Timeframe to move forward would be before the next meeting
3. Not an interactive site ? no comments or requests to be made through website
4. Motion to approve setting up a website for the Village of Dering Harbor made  by John Colby with a second by Heather Brownlie. Motion carried unanimously.
5. Mayor Hogue thanked Mr. Hunt for his efforts and asked him to work closely with the Village attorney and the Village Clerk moving forward.

D. New Building Permit Application ? Jay Cross
1. Mr. Cross has purchased the Lynyak property and wants to change the pool
2. Mr. Cross is not pursuing the tennis court previously approved for the parcel

E. Building Inspector
1. Al Daniels is retiring and the Village needs to hire a new Building Inspector
2. Mayor Hogue is recommending George Butts III for the position
3. The Trustees will be going into Executive Session to interview Mr. Butts

F. Code Violation ? 1 Dering Woods Lane
1. Code Enforcement Officer issued violations to owners/contractors
2. Work performed on Sunday at the site which violates Local Law
3. Need to hold the owners and the contractor accountable for future violations

G. Letter received from Patrick Parcells regarding a FOIL Request
1. Village has 10 business days to respond

H. Village Policies Update
1. Village to review a draft Violence in the Workplace policy at the next meeting

I. Executive Session
1.Motion to go into Executive Session to discuss pending employee matters made by Tim Hogue with a second by John Colby. Motion carried unanimously.
2. Executive Session held from 10:40am. To 11:03 a.m.
3. Motion to come out of Executive Session made by Heather Brownlie, and seconded by John Colby. Motion carried unanimously.

J. New Building Inspector
1. Motion by Tim Hogue to approve George Butts III as the new Building Inspector of the Village of Dering Harbor at an annual compensation rate of $3000 per year  Plus $75 per visit and ferry tickets which was seconded by John Colby. Motion carried unanimously.

V. Date for next meeting set for March 18, 2017 at 10:00 a.m.

VI. Motion to adjourn the Trustees Meeting made by John Colby with a second by Heather Brownlie. Motion carried unanimously.

Meeting adjourned at 11:05 a.m.