New Village Clerks

Dear neighbors,

We are thrilled to announce that Elizabeth (Lisa) Gilpin has agreed to join us as our new Village Clerk/Treasurer, and that Jeanette Flynn has accepted a new position of Clerk of the Boards. They will both be starting work this week.

We were so impressed with both Lisa and Jeanette that we decided to divide the duties and hire them both. With two support staff we will have back up and additional support without increasing our payroll costs. Happily Lisa and Jeanette are friends and excited to work together as we embark on a big push to revamp communications, develop ongoing P&L statements/budgets/financial projections, and offer improved support to all residents. As part of this improved support there will be increased hours and availability: office hours will now be Thursday from 9-5pm (staffed by Lisa) and Friday from 1-5pm (staffed by Jeanette), and Jeanette will be present at all Trustee and Board meetings. They have even offered to help in a pinch on weekends if residents have a quick question.

Both women bring with them a wealth of work experience and contacts that make them ideal candidates for their VDH rolls, and both live full time on Shelter Island. Lisa is a notary, a former real estate executive, and founded her own company that specialized in providing accounting services. She has a masters in social work and has also interned for the Village of East Hampton. Jeanette currently works for the Town of Shelter Island, and will continue in her position where she is responsible for twelve boards and committees including the Zoning Board and Planning Board. We believe her knowledge and ability to interface with the Town will be invaluable. The Town Board recently chose her to be the Short Term Rental Compliance Officer because of her excellent people skills and efficiency.

With two support staff we will have back up and additional support.

We hope you will join us in warmly welcoming Lisa and Jeannette.

John, Ari, Betsy, Karen, and Patrick