Notice – Water Operations Update


On June 11th, I sent you an email update that included a detailed discussion of the challenges we are currently facing with our water system, and the solutions that we are employing to resolve them. The most significant is the change in management of our water system. On June 15th, Hap Bowditch, resigned and effective that same day, The Suffolk County Water Authority assumed responsibility for managing our system.

Hap operated our system successfully for more than 11 years under very challenging circumstances. Fortunately for us all, Hap will remain involved in the management of our system, but is now affiliated with the SCWA. The SCWA will bring resources and expertise to the operation of our water system that was unavailable to us in the past. It is an important step in the process to correct past errors and bring our water system infrastructure and the quality of our drinking water up to the highest standards.

Attached is a letter to the community from Jeff Szabo, CEO of the SCWA. Please take a moment to read it and make note of the phone numbers to call if you have questions, or if you experience problems with your water or a water emergency. There will be more changes and improvements to share with you in the coming months.

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