Notice – Water Tank Construction



The site work for construction of the water tank will begin today, June 20th. It will take two to three weeks to develop the site, construct the foundation, and allow time for the concrete to cure. The tank is nearly complete and will ship from the fabrication plant in Illinois to Shelter Island on large pallets in the coming weeks. Assembly of the tank will begin in early July and will take approximately 10 days. Absent any unforeseen problems or weather events, the tank should be operational by the end of July.

The contractor performing the site work, Phillip Roth Inc., has asked to work a 5 day week from 7:00 AM to 3:30 PM. The contractor constructing the tank, Statewide Aqua-Store, has asked to work a 5 day week from 7:00 AM to 5:30 PM. Each contractor asked to be allowed to work on Saturday if necessary, but neither believes that it will be necessary.

Neither contractor anticipates any meaningful noise except for standard traffic and excavator noise. Staging for equipment and parking for vehicles will be limited to the highway facility (Richies Barn), the area behind the facility near the water tank, and along Yoco Road adjacent to the highway barn.

Construction can be disruptive. We have taken steps to keep the disruption to a minimum, but if you find that there is a problem with noise, parking, traffic, etc., you can contact me. I am also including names and contact information for our engineer – John Collins H2M, who is responsible for managing the construction process, the site work contractor – Phillip Roth Inc. (PRI), and the tank fabrication company – Statewide Aqua-Store Inc. (SAI).

It is unfortunate that the construction has to occur in the summer, but it will go quickly, should not be noisy and will be a major step forward in the effort to improve our water system. Thank you in advance for your patience and understanding.