Trustees Agenda – October 14, 2017

14 October, 2017, 10:00 AM

TRUSTEE’S MEETING (Preliminary*)

I. Meeting called to order

Mayor’s Opening Comments

II. Review and Approval of the Minutes of the 2 September 2017 meeting

Motion to adopt minutes by:
Motion seconded by:
In Favor:

III. Old Business (Motion to Open Old Business)

Motion to adopt by:
Motion seconded by:
In Favor:

(1) Shore Road Naming Committee.

IV. Ways and Means (Financial Report and Review of Invoices)

(1) September disbursement report for review.
(2) Review of NYS Environmental Facilities Corporation (EFC) August 2017, Statement.
(3) Operating Statements, Period Ending 30 September 2017.
(4) Forecast Fiscal 2018 versus Fiscal 2018 Budget versus Actual Fiscal 2017
(5) Month ending cutoff on the 25th for invoice approval at monthly Trustee’s meeting.
(6) Meeting with Salerno Insurance Brokerage.
(7) Need to upgrade Village computer.

V. Water Works Report (Current System Usage and Tank Upgrade Status)

(1) Summary of Current Status, Schedule of Water Usage.
(2) Letter from Hap Bowditch to David L. Mullin, 9.17.2017.
(3) Proposed tank purchase contract.
(4) Review of electrical requirements.
(5) Meeting with Philip Thompson, Emergency Manager, Suffolk County Water Authority, [phone redacted].
(6) Meeting with water meter company representative.

VI. Village Roads and Maintenance Report

(1) Yoco Road dry well installation to start week of 10 October.
(2) CHIPS Website:

VII. Report from MS4 committee and annual DEC filing update.

(1) Need a volunteer to serve on the committee.

VIII. Report from Village Greens and Improvement committee.

(1) Discuss replacement of arborvitae in front of Village Hall.
(2) Village Hall original plot plan.
(3) Signage for Mildred Hird Preserve.
(4) Damaged tree identification, Locust Point Road and Manhanset Road.

IX. Planning Board Review

(1) Kirk Ressler, chair, will review hedge-height study.

X. Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA) Review

No report

XI. Architectural Review Board (ARB) Review

(1) 21 Shore Road Hedge Application and referral to ARB scheduled today.

Resolution draft:
WHEREAS at the Trustee meeting conducted 14 October 2017 the applicant presented a plot plan, height restrictions, setback requirements, and photos showing the proposed plants, and
WHEREAS the board of Trustees having duly discussed and considered the merits of the application under Village Code Section 4-420 (Fences) and Section 4-408 (Height of Vegetation) has
RESOLVED to refer the application the Architectural Review Board.
Motion to adopt by:
Motion seconded by:
In Favor:


XII. Community Reports

(1) Suffolk Share proposed agreement on shared services. Suffolk County Shared Services Panel meeting with Steve Belone, County Supervisor.
(2) Water Quality Improvement Committee, Mark Mobius, chair.
(3) Water Advisory Committee, Albert Dickson, chair.
(4) Resident Comments

XIII. New Business (Motion to Open New Business)

Motion to adopt by:
Motion seconded by:
In Favor:

(1)Executive Session, litigation matters.
(2)Employee Compensation, retirement plan.
(3)Review proposal from Arthur Bloom, fire marshal.

XIV. Date for Next Meeting: Saturday, 4 November 2017 at 10:00 a.m.

XV. Motion to Adjourn

Village of Dering Harbor, Trustee’s Meeting Agenda 10/14/2017 *Subject to Change