Trustees Final Agenda – May 12, 2018

12 May, 2018, 9:00 AM


I. Meeting called to order

Mayor’s Opening Comments

II. Review and Approval of the Minutes of the 14 April 2018 meeting.

Motion to adopt minutes by:____________
Motion seconded by: _______________
In Favor: ___________________________
Against: ___________________________

III. Old Business (Motion to Open Old Business)

Motion to adopt by:____________
Motion seconded by: _______________
In Favor: ___________________________
Against: ___________________________

IV. Ways and Means (Financial Report and Review of Invoices) 10:30 AM

(1) Water Quality Improvement Committee Application.
(2) Invoices for review and approval.
(3) State Comptroller’s Audit Letter. Audit requested by Trustees.

V. Water Works Report (Current System Usage and Tank Upgrade Status)

(1) Water tank project progress report.
(2) No pool fills. No irrigation. Well #1 progress.
(3) DEC approval procedure for a third well. John Collins, H2M.

VI. Village Roads and Maintenance Report

Repairs needed for GBCC road section. $13k, 250 feet, $27k whole section.
Corazzini Asphalt estimate offset by CHIPS funding.

VII. Report from MS4 committee and annual DEC filing update.

May 2018 meeting with Kristin Kraseski, DEC, to discuss Village’s MS4 designation.

VIII. Report from Village Greens and Improvement committee.

IX. Planning Board Review (Future Scheduled Agenda)

(1) Gordon Gooding’s application for Manhanset Road curb cut plan, parking, trailhead signage, hunting signage on the east side of Manhanset Road accessing Mildred Flower Hird Preserve.
(2) Alex Jackson’s application for curb cut on 4 Nicoll Road.

X. Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA) Review

No report

XI. Architectural Review Board (ARB) Review

(1) George Butts’ review of Sunshine approved plans. March 2018 letter sent to Mr. Sunshine. Recommend ARB meeting to educate ARB members on certificate of occupancy requirements and hearing.

No response from Mr. Sunshine as of 14 April.

(2) Charles Modica’s preliminary plans for remodeling of 27 Shore Road house.

XII. Community Reports

(1) Shore Road Naming Committee.
(2) Shelter Island 10K, Saturday June 16, 2018. Need resolution to approve. See letter.
(3) FOIA Request.
(4) Resident Comments.

XIII. New Business (Motion to Open New Business)

Motion to adopt by:____________
Motion seconded by: _______________
In Favor: ___________________________
Against: ___________________________

(1) Executive Session, litigation matters.

XIV. Date for Next Meeting – Saturday, 2 June 2018 at 9:00 a.m.

XV. Motion to Adjourn

*Subject to Change