Trustees’ Meeting Agenda – March 12 at 9:00 AM

Village of Dering Harbor
Trustees Meeting
9:00 AM
March 12, 2022

I. Attendance
II. Meeting called to order
III. Minutes from December 30th special meeting
IV. Minutes from the January 15th meeting
V. Minutes from the February 12th special meeting
VI. Treasurer Report- Outstanding bills abstract- resolution to authorize payment
VII. Announcements

a. Suffolk County Planning Commission ruling on demolition moratorium
b. Historical Architectural Study
c. 4 Sylvester Rd. demolition
d. Water Update
e. Paving – Locust Point and Manhanset Roads

VIII. New Business

a. Audit Review
b. Modica Tree Removal Application
c. 22 Locust Point Road curb cut

IX. Old Business
X. Leak Forgiveness Policy
XI. Public Hearing/Adoption – Proposed Local Law establishing a six (6) month moratorium on the demolition of buildings and structures.
XII. Public Hearing/Adoption – A Local Law amending §§230-7, 230-8, 230-9 and 230-21 of the Zoning Code related to permitted/prohibited uses, interpretations and accessory driveways and off-street parking areas.
XIII. Executive Session – Litigation
XIV. Date for next regular Trustee’s meeting – TBD at 9:00 am
XV. Motion to Adjourn