Trustees’ Meeting Agenda – May 14, 2022, at 11:00 AM

Village of Dering Harbor
Trustees Meeting
11:00 AM
May 14, 2022

I. Attendance
II. Meeting called to order
III. Minutes from the April 23rd meeting
IV. Treasurer Report- Outstanding bills abstract- resolution to authorize payment
V. Announcements

a. Election Reminder
b. Patrick Ahearn Visit
c. Water Update
d. Paving – Locust Point and Manhanset Roads

VI. New Business

a. Stormwater Management
b. Tennis Court Fencing

VII. Old Business
VIII. Public Hearing – A Local Law amending §§230-7, 230-8, 230-9 and 230-21 of the Zoning Code related to permitted/prohibited uses, interpretations and accessory driveways and offstreet parking areas.
IX. 22 Locust Point Road Curb Cut.
X. NYS Public Officers Law Sec. 103-a(2), regarding authorization of public bodies to conduct meetings using videoconference technology.
XI. Executive Session – Litigation
XII. Date for next regular Trustee’s meeting and Annual Organizational Meeting– June 11th
XIII. Date for special Trustees Meeting – TBD
XIV. Motion to Adjourn