Trustees’ Meeting Minutes – May 14, 2022

Village of Dering Harbor
Trustees Meeting
May 14, 2022,11:00 AM 

  • The meeting was called to order at 11:01am
  • Attendance- Patrick Parcells (mayor), Karen Kelsey, Ari Benacerraf, Brad Goldfarb, Brandon Rose; Wayne Bruyn (village attorney), Vicki Shields (village clerk), Amy Thomas of Flynn Stenography, Bridg Hunt, Marian Brownlie, Kirk Ressler, Sam Ashner, Dennis Corcoran, Eric Deutsch, Melinda Carroll
  • A motion to accept the minutes from the April 23rd meeting was moved by Ari and seconded by Karen. 3 votes in favor, 2 abstention (Brandon and Patrick)
  • Treasurer Report- Outstanding bills abstract- resolution to authorize payment was moved by Brad and seconded by Ari. All Board members voted in favor
  • Announcements
    1. Election Reminder- Patrick reminded everyone that the village election will be held on Friday, May 27th from 12pm – 9pm in village hall.
    2. Patrick Ahearn Visit- Brad gave an update on Patrick’s visit, set to take place on Saturday, June 4th.
    3. Water Update- Patrick reported that there was no new updated regarding village water and that the water is really good.
    4. Paving of Locust Point and Manhanset Roads will happen in the next couple of weeks.
  • New Business
    1. Stormwater Management- Patrick read from the 18 page code that was passed several years ago. He wanted to clarify that at the end of the day, it’s about erosion control. For people building homes, there is a DEC website where people can find a Homestead SWPP, which is a basic template for homeowners to use. Karen suggested that Vicki send a link to this handbook to residents, highlighting that it is useful for anyone embarking on a construction project. Wayne clarified that a Stormwater Management officer needs to be appointed. A motion to appoint George Butts was made by Karen and seconded Brandon. All Board members voted in favor.
    1. Tennis Court Fencing. Patrick commented that he thought it was an oversight that chain link fence was not exempted as an appropriate material for sports courts. Ari recalled that it wasn’t an oversight and that chain link fence was deliberately left off. The question is whether the Trustees want to specify materials for tennis court fencing. Wayne recalled that there was no consideration of sports courts. Karen suggested asking Patrick Ahearn for guidance on this subject.
    1. Proposal by Wayne to have someone come in to provide ethics training to the village boards. Wayne explained that typically municipalities provide ethics training to members of their boards. Wayne went on to explain Mr. Leventhal’s credentials. He can do either in-person or Zoom. Suffolk County Board of Ethics does not provide this service to municipalities. It was agreed to table until the next meeting.
  • Old Business
  • A motion to reopen the Public Hearing – A Local Law amending §§230-7, 230-8, 230-9 and 230-21 of the Zoning Code related to permitted/prohibited uses, interpretations and accessory driveways and off-street parking areas was made by Brad and seconded by Karen. All Board members voted in favor.

Public Comments:

      1. Kirk Ressler asked what is the goal and objectives of this legislation. Both Wayne and Brandon summarized the impetus for the proposed law and the various versions.
      2. Bridgford Hunt read a statement into the record. (see attached) He also stated later in the meeting that this proposed law is very suburban in nature and really goes against the feeling the village has historically had.
      3. Melinda Carroll, new resident at 16 Harbor Lane, commented that this proposed law is complicated. They’ve been working really hard to see if they would be able to comply with what is proposed and she thinks it does not fit with what is currently found in the B zone. She would like for what they plan to be consistent with what is found in the village and the way that the proposed law is written would mean that they would need to get a variance.
      4. Marian Brownlie had a question about where a contractor is supposed to park when servicing resident’s homes. She also wants to know why this issue of parking on grass has come up. She has lived in the village for 52 years and has always parked on her grass from time to time. She thinks this part of the law needs to come out. Karen asked Wayne to clarify how the current code reads related to parking on the street.
      5. Dennis Corcoran commented that he takes issue with the driveway setbacks that are in the proposed code and said no other municipalities have this kind of oversight. He thinks the community has naturally evolved on its own, without these kinds of restrictions in place. By introducing this code, it’s going to bring up more problems for smaller lots. Sometimes the intent behind proposed laws can turn into something else.

Public comment period closed.

Patrick commented that he has been opposed to the driveway portion of this proposed law and would rather leave it up to the ARB for consideration. He does not think driveways should be considered structures.

Karen explained that the genesis was to have something that makes sure that the character of the village isn’t marred by cars parked on lawns.

Brad agreed that the issues that had been raised by the public about parking should be considered. But he does not want to rehash what Patrick brought up.

A motion to adjourn this hearing until June 10th was moved by Brad and seconded by Brandon. All Board members voted in favor.

  • 22 Locust Point Road Curb Cut.- Dennis Corcoran presented the latest version of the traffic study he had done. The board received some feedback from neighbors. Brad read an email he had received from Clora Kelly into the record.

Comments from Ari as a neighbor. He said he thinks siting the driveway just 8’ from the property is far too close. Patrick asked Dennis if he had considered the entrance off of Yoco Road. Dennis explained the history of presubmissions with the ARB and how those meetings dictated the design of his house.

After a thorough discussion among the Trustees, a motion to approve the following resolution was made by Brad and seconded by Karen. All Board members voted in favor.

RESOLVED, that pursuant to §6-632 of the New York State Village Law, the Board of Trustees of the Village of Dering Harbor, hereby approves the application of Dennis Corcoran to establish a new curb cut and driveway onto Locust Point Road from property located on the southeasterly corner of Locust Point Road and Yoco Road known as 22 Locust Point Road and designated as SCTM# 0701-001.00-03.00-014.002, with the southerly edge of said curb cut and driveway to be located a minimum of 25 feet from the southerly property line.  The final specifications and materials of the curb cut and driveway shall be subject to review by the Building Inspector and Architectural Review Board.

  • NYS Public Officers Law Sec. 103-a(2), regarding authorization of public bodies to conduct meetings using videoconference technology. Wayne gave a summary and some background on this proposed law. The trustees asked Wayne to draft a resolution they can vote on.
  • A motion to go into Executive Session at 12:27pm to discuss Litigation matters was moved by Brad and seconded by Karen. All Board members voted in favor.
  • The meeting was called back into session at 1:38pm.
  • A motion for a resolution authorizing an increase in Vicki Shields’ pay by 10% starting June 1st, 2022 was moved by Brad and seconded by Karen. All Board members voted in favor.
  • Date for next regular Trustee’s meeting and Annual Organizational Meeting– June 11th

Date for special Trustees Meeting – TBD

XIV.  Motion to Adjourn at 1:38pm