Trustees Preliminary Agenda – August 18, 2018

Village of Dering Harbor
Trustees’ Meeting
August 18th, 2018, 9am

I. Attendance

II. Meeting called to order

III. Approval of the minutes from the July 14th meeting and July 27th special meeting

IV. Suffolk County Water Authority presentation with Q & A, introductory remarks by Patrick

V. Resolution to appoint Doug Ryder to fulfill the Planning Board position of Clora Kelly, term ending June 2022

VI. Resolution to appoint Lauren Stensland of Nawrocki Smith temporary Treasurer of the Village and to appoint Nawrocki Smith our book keepers

VII. Resolution to open old business

VIII. Ways and Means (Financial Report and Review of Invoices)

A. Invoices for review and approval
B. State audit status

IX. Village Roads and Maintenance Report

A. Continued efforts to get Corazzini to repave Dina Rock Road
B. Richie’s retirement

X. Renaming of Shore Road

XI. Community Reports

A. Citation of Tim Hogue for building a parking lot without proper approval and ignoring a stop work order
B. Reminder of Village movie night Sunday, August 19th and of a Village cocktail party on Saturday, September 1st

XII. New Business

A. Resolution declaring the snow plow, old mower, and dignies surplus
B. Resolution to discuss the Noise Law
C. Resolution to discuss codification program for laws
D. Resolution to update fees for permits and rental application

XIII. Resolution to go into Executive Session to discuss litigation matters and personnel matters

XIV. Date for Next Meeting – Saturday, September 8th 2018 at 9:00 a.m.

XV. Motion to Adjourn