Urgent Water Use Message – April 28, 2018

Dear Village Residents,

Hap monitors water usage daily, and we saw a spike in daily usage this past Monday (7.0k), Tuesday(14.7k), and Wednesday (10.8k). Thursday fell to 4.3k gallons. The week before, April 19th (Thursday) Hap recorded 7.0k and 8.6k on Saturday April 21. (I use a “k” to represent 1000s. 7.0k is 7,000)

The average use this April is 5.4k gallons per day. Last April was 7.5k per day and 8.0k per day during April 2016. The daily chloride reading came in at 214 mg/L this past Thursday. Remember our limit is 250 mg/L. The more we pump the higher the chlorides. Until the spikes, chlorides were below 125 mg/L. We are only using Well #2 while Hap tests Well #1 for bacteria and subsequent approval from the Suffolk County Department of Health before he can place it in operation.

There are no pools open and few residents, however Richie and I saw several contractor trucks in the Village over the past two weeks working to open irrigation lines. I saw two systems operating this past week, another was working in the rain yesterday. It is hard not to reach the conclusion the spikes are related to the work on irrigation systems even though residents have told me they do not use Village water for irrigation.

I need your help to solve this by letting me know when Hap can take a look at your individual systems to determine if we can bypass the use of Village water. Please email me directly anytime or call me at home, 10-3 PM to schedule a time. If no answer, I’ll call back. I need to hear from everyone with an irrigation system. I will call contact the residents where I saw the trucks.

Thank you.

We expect to break ground on the new tank the 3rd week in May with the tank itself scheduled for delivery 11 June.



John T. Colby Jr.
Village of Dering Harbor