Village of Dering Harbor Fiscal Year 2021 Tentative Budget

Dear Neighbors,

Patrick has asked me to send you this message along with the tentative 2021 Village budget:

A public hearing on the Village’s tentative FY2021 budget is scheduled for April 4th. The current restrictions on public meetings creates questions about whether the public meeting can or will be held. Betsy will let you know the status of the meeting and what alternatives might be available to us. Considering the uncertainties, and so that you have the opportunity to review and question or comment on the budget, I have asked Vicki to send the budget to all village residents. 

The tentative budget is attached. It includes a summary page and the consolidated budget. The budget has a slightly different form this year as we will begin to budget for the Water District independent of the operating budget.  I encourage you to review the materials and if you have questions or comments, you can email me at, or call me – 631-749-3448. I will respond to your questions and comments and will share the response with other village residents unless you request that your inquiry remain private.

If you prefer not to wade through the details, here is what you should know. 

    1. Village finances are in very good shape. 
    2. Our operating cash position exceeds anticipated demand for the remainder of this fiscal year.
    3. We currently have cash reserves equal to about half of our annual budget.
    4. The tentative consolidated budget is $255,556, which is about $11,000 or 4% less than last year. 
    5. Because the SCWA now operates our water system, we have no exposure to regulatory risks and the cost of compliance or any variable costs (repairs, replacements, testing, equipment upgrades, capital investments, etc.). Since the water district no longer poses operational burdens, we removed it from the operating budget and created its own fund. You will find the details on page 6 of the consolidated budget.
    6. Your tax bill will increase this year but only because there was a significant ($68,800) tax rebate provided last year. Absent the rebate, your property taxes this year would reduce by about 5.7%. 

All the best to each of you and stay well.

Vicki Weslek
Village Clerk
Village of Dering Harbor

VDH FY 2021 Tenative Budget