Water System Update – Good News

Dear neighbors,

We have finally received clearance to put the new water tank online! As I type this email the old tank is being drained under the supervision of SCWA who, along with Patrick, has shepherded the tedious and meticulous process of getting government approval for the new tank. The old tank was leaking like a sieve, so this is a giant step forward. In other good news the chlorides are significantly down, well below 200. We expect this number to improve with the diminished pumping requirements from going down to a single (non-leaking!) tank.

While there is still a punch list of items for the tank, as this work is winding down our main focus will be on the next level of infrastructure improvements for the water system and on long term system management. To that end we are in the process of negotiating a long term agreement with SCWA, and laying the ground work to replace our failing wells and get meters installed. Once again, Patrick is leading this very time consuming and labor intensive effort, so thank you to Patrick.

In other news, also under Patrick’s supervision, we have transitioned our maintenance work to Chris Johnson and his team, which now includes Richie! We encouraged Chris to hire him and we are so happy that he has done so. We couldn’t be happier that we can all continue to benefit from Richie’s commitment to the Village and his expertise.

We hope to see you next Saturday the 10th at 9am. We will continue the public hearing on the proposed changes to the construction law that we believe will make our Village quieter during our busiest weekends and Summer evenings. If you can’t attend in person but would like to voice your opinion please email or call me or any of the trustees.