Water Update – 8/13/2017

Dear Residents,

Since we turned the water off at the Boylans and turned off two hoses at the Tausiks yesterday afternoon, Well #2 pumped 162,000 gallons of water in a 24-hour period, down from 200,000 gallons in the prior 24-hour period—6,750 gallons per hour versus 8,333 gallons per hour in the prior 24-hour period. Our intent was to also halt all irrigation.

This is an improvement but not what we were hoping for. As a result, we’ll continue our plan too turn the water off in the following homes tomorrow morning at 9 or 9:30 a.m. for a four (4) hour period:

Boylan, Tausik, Meire, Jenkins, Goldman (Stuart), Chort (Hogue), Piccozzi, Modica, Paredes, Brownlie, Hogue, Rose, and Morgan (also Village Hall).

Hap will take meter readings to measure usage from the beginning of the 4-hour period and at the end of the 4-hour period. Depending on results, we’ll take next steps trying to isolate the usage area. As a reminder, Well #1 is off while we take readings from Well #2.

I know this is an inconvenience, but this is the best time to diagnose the problem because everyone is here using peak water capacity. Off season results would be difficult to measure to draw meaningful conclusions. If we have leaks we really need to locate them and determine severity. We may have to incorporate system repair with the new water tank. At the very least, Hap needs a master system diagram attached to the walls of the maintenance barn and both well houses showing all value locations and system segments.

I mentioned earlier during the same 24-hour period our water meter shows we used 100 gallons in the 24-hour period with 4 people in the house plus one dog. (4 gallons per hour)


John T. Colby Jr.
VDH, Mayor