Water Update – 8/14/2017

Dear Residents,

We turned the water back on at about 1:30 p.m. this afternoon to the residents on the list I detailed yesterday. We still pumped about 6,200 gallons per hour during the shut-off period. We calculate the Boylan leak to be about 1,600 gallons per hour that explains about 20% of the over usage.

This means the difficulty may be within Lands End, Dering Woods, or from Ressler to Hunt including South Street. The problem may be in the main, too, that will be difficult to detect without specialized assistance. Pat set a meeting up with John Collins from H2M Water on Wednesday this week to discuss possible solutions while Hap awaits a call back from the USGS folks.

Hap restored water supply from Well #1 to improve taste and lower the chlorides. We may shut off the Dering Woods line just to make sure the new construction at 1 Dering Woods Lane didn’t affect the underground line running through the woods there. I’ll keep you posted with developments.


VDH, Mayor