Water Update – 8/15/2017

Dear Residents,

Hap turned the water off again this afternoon at 12:30 p.m. for Tropin, Catsoulis, Jackson, Smith, Kostow, Parcells, Ferris, and Colby. There are three valve locations to isolate this area—one by Walker, one by Tropin, and one by Deutsch. Unfortunately the meter reading is consistent with our other readings yesterday: for the five-hour period today we pumped 41,700 gallons (8,340 gallons per hour). Subtracting the leak at Boylans (John said he is in the process of fixing the leak, but the water is still on at the house but off at the cottage.) this is consistent with the 6,200 gallons per hour reading yesterday.

Tomorrow we will turn the water off at Sunshine and Deutsch then Dempster and Adams. That leaves Ressler, Skibeli, Benacerraf, Ruttenberg and Hunt. We’ll take additional measurements and report back. I’ll let everyone know approximately when we’ll turn the water off—right now we think about 11 a.m. tomorrow for a four (4) hour period.

Thank you.


John T. Colby Jr.
VDH, Mayor