Water Update – 8/16/2017 #2

Hi All,

We turned the water off today at Dempster, Adams, Hunt and Ruttenberg from 11:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. The Village pumped 37,900 gallons or 6,900 gallons per hour during this period in line with prior measurements.

Hap and I will meet tomorrow with a specialist who will be able to locate a covered value by Bob Ruttenberg’s tennis court that is the shut off for the main line to Dering Woods Lane by Sunshine and Deutsch. If the valve is not there—the map indicates one is there—he’ll be able to install one. Either way we’ll be able to isolate the line to Dering Woods Lane to record additional data.

I talked with a leak specialist (New York Leak Detection) this afternoon who is preparing the schedule to locate every leak we may have in the system. Mark (Manzar) is putting us into his schedule. This work will be done most likely at night for a day or two, and I will let everyone know when we will start the hunt. During this time it will be essential for everyone to halt irrigation as the sound resonating from the underground irrigation systems may throw off the sonar detection equipment. When we locate leaks we may have to shut off the entire system to effect repairs. If you have automatic systems, please make sure you are able to turn them off at night and before daybreak.

As the recent rain took some pressure off the need for irrigation, the Trustees and I would like to thank everyone for halting their automatic irrigation systems as we take steps to troubleshoot our water system.


John T. Colby Jr.
VDH, Mayor