Water Update – 8/18/2017 #1

Hi All,

We are going to isolate the Village’s main system section this morning by shutting off two valves on Shore Road in front of the Walkers, one valve on Dering Woods Lane by Deutsch, and one valve on Locust Point Point Road by Bob’s tennis court. Then we will turn off service to Cross, Ressler, Skibeli, and Benacerraf—all of whom feed from the main line to Locust Point Road. If the pump still runs at 6,000+ gallons per hour during this time, the issue is within the tank and perimeter by the two wells.

We will start shutting the system down at 12 noon today and will restart at about 4 p.m.

The leak specialists are traveling to Shelter Island on Monday and will start work on Tuesday.

Until the water quality improves, please take reasonable precautions like using bottled water for household members including pets. Hap is getting an update on the last test results from the Health Department.

After our work today, Hap will be able to switch back to Well #1 that will improve chloride levels.


John T. Colby Jr.
VDH, Mayor