Water Update – 8/25/2017

Good Afternoon,

Hap took the meter reading this morning at 8 a.m. that shows the Village pumped 27,000 gallons since the last reading the day before. This works out to be about 1,200 gallons per hour up a little since yesterday’s reading of about 800 gallons per hour. The difference may be greater use and irrigation, but nothing like we experienced before Hap located the faulty valve.

The tank is full of nearly 100,000 gallons of salty tasting water that needs to be drained and refilled. If we do not refill the tank, at the current rate of consumption, 19-25,000 gallons per day, it will take several days or one or two weeks to flush the system out including the mains and tributaries of the water system. It is more efficient to drain the tank and refill it.

Ben from the well company inspected the tank yesterday and discovered three small leaks in the tank that will need to be welded closed. As part of the plan to drain the tank, Ben and Hap located the Village’s test well just up the hill from the tank in the middle of Village property located across the street from Village Hall. Unfortunately, two large trees fell (at least one year ago) directly on top of the test wellhead preventing access by Ben’s truck. Fred Hyatt arrived immediately to clear the two trees and now the area around the wellhead is clear and accessible. The rest of this property should be cleared as soon as it is practical to do so.

If Ben finishes another job-in-progress today, he will bring his equipment to the site to start set-up for repair work. As soon as he does this Hap will start to drain the tank as early as Monday. I’ll let everyone know when we plan to drain the tank as water will be turned off. Usually Hap drains the tank for maintenance during the off season to reduce inconvenience, but due to our urgency he will do this as soon as Ben is able to set up. Ben will work on our tank beginning Monday or Tuesday after it has been drained.

Derick from the valve company will arrive on Monday to review what we need to replace near Well #1 after discussing Ben’s observations from his site inspection yesterday. Derick will start valve repair work ideally while the tank is being repaired by Ben.

I am planning to look at each well and taste the raw water this afternoon or tomorrow. If the water from Well #2 is still too salty, we’ll fill the tank from Well #1 depending on when the valve work is completed or from the test well we cleared access to yesterday. If the valve work tales too long, we can bypass Well #1 and use the test well (temporarily), routing the water through the chemical house before it reaches the tank.

Keep in mind we are approaching Labor Day. All of the well and valve contractors are in the process of doing other jobs largely due to people waiting until the last minute before summer ends to do planned work before school starts and residents begin other priorities. Hap has a good relationship with these folks to pay attention to us when we need them the most.


John T. Colby Jr.
VDH, Mayor