Water Update – 8/28/2017

Good Afternoon,

I tasted the water from Well #2 this morning and its taste has improved. My dog allergy notwithstanding, I could detect maybe a trace amount of saltiness, but nothing like it tasted over a week ago. The means lower use has allowed the aquifer at the well point to start recharging.

The welder is working on the tank this afternoon to repair three leaks in the tank itself. Right now Hap is draining about half of the water to just below the lowest leak to effect the repairs. He will not drain the tank completely or halt service during this period. Pressure may be low, but it will be higher after Hap starts Well #2 after welding. We plan to start filling the tank with water from Well #2 over a day or two to relieve any over pumping from the need to refill the tank.

The well contractor started investigative excavation near Well #1 to determine what parts he needs to bring to the Island to complete the valve repairs.

Trucking water to refill the tank is possible but we are required to use Suffolk County approved trucks from the Suffolk County Water Authority. This process may to too difficult to implement before this weekend although we should put together a contingency plan in the event we need to do this at a later date. We also would need a pump to pump the water from the trucks to the tank.

I do not expect any interruptions in service this weekend. I’ll know more by the end of this week as the repairs are scheduled and completed.


John T. Colby Jr.
VDH, Mayor