Local Laws

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Quality of Life

Construction Hours
Hazardous Conditions
Hunting and Trapping
Public Nuisances
Seasonal Rentals
Speed Limits
Trees and Vegetation
Trees and Vegetation 2

Village Finance and Legal

Allowing Tax Over Limit 2017
Application Costs
Construction SEQRA
Gross Receipts Tax for Utilities
Hold Harmless

Waterfront Legislation

Navigation & Surface Water Use

Boat Speed Limit

Water Quality, Flooding

FEMA Flood Plain
Flood Damage Prevention
Geothermal Systems
Prohibited Discharge
Storm Water Management


Zoning Law Amendments
Applications and Permits
Architectural Review Board
Board of Appeals
Disapproval or Failure to Act
Non Conforming
Permitted and Prohibited Uses
Regulations for All Districts
Regulations for “A” Residential
Regulations for “B” Residential
Swimming Pools

Local Laws by Date, Newest to Oldest

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